“The more you help others, the more you get back and the better you feel.“

We have a strong belief in charity work and it's a important part of our company. Here you can find a few of our previous and current projects. We are constantly looking for new projects to support in both Sweden and internationally.

Michel and Princess Sofia of Sweden in a charity project meeting, and Michel in front of the hospital we were building in Kerala, India.


Our hospital opening in Kerala, India, and we donated 500.000 SEK (60.000 USD) to a organization in Sweden that helps women in crisis.


Michel together with friend Amr Youssef at our charity gala WeAreOne which is the biggest charity gala in Europe.


We're opening one more hospital in India, and Michel together with Dr. Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Peace Prize Winner) with whom we invest in a charity project in Bangladesh.


Supporting orphans in Syria, and Michel having a speech in front of hundreds of women in Bangladesh where we invest in entrepreneurial education for women.